Does vaseline get rid of threadworms

Hello, I’m so grumpy because I discovered thread worms last night and spent the entire night playing with them. I had to get at work at seven this morning. I believe that I may have them because I have been taking care of my brother’s youngster for the last two weeks. Applying vasaline to your anus is said to be an excellent treatment. However, I was curious if this would prevent the females from laying their eggs within your anus. If so, where would they place them? I’ve heard that if you put Vasaline on your anus or stick a garlic clove up your back tube, they tend to lay them inside of you and restart their life cycle. Is this accurate?

Discovering threadworms last night must have been really frustrating, especially before a busy workday. Taking care of your brother’s youngster could indeed be the source. Applying vaseline to your anus is a common remedy, but there’s uncertainty about whether it prevents egg-laying.

Some believe it might prompt the worms to lay eggs internally. It’s best to consult a healthcare professional for accurate diagnosis and treatment, as self-treatment methods might not be effective.