Does not erase sleep file

This program lags, and is very slow. It will not erase a duplicate item on the sleep file. I recorded a video on my iPhone to send to you and and it is not accepted by your Files List. There is so much wrong with this app. It wastes so much of my time. I have consistently used this app for somewhere around 6 or more weeks. What I should be able to do in 5 to 10 minutes, can take me up to 30 minutes. It never logs my stool. It forgets what was logged in it. If I use the microphone and speak into it, when I finish it erases everything I spoke into it, every time. I have had a lot of persistence, logging in my data and constantly changing the way I organize things so that this app doesn’t lag so much, it made it a little better, but not enough to want to continue. When I go into write a review, the review has been taken away. Your reviews should not be manipulated like this. The app at least should be made somewhat functional. It is very frustrating, very unpredictable!There is so much more I am not telling you. I want this to work, I don’t know how you are going to do it. There has got to be a better way for me to get a video to you as you requested.


Hi, @Agencynurses we’re truly sorry to hear that your experience with the app wasn’t great. For us to help you solve these issues immediately, we would like to ask for a few details. Where are you trying to send the video? You can try sending it through email at Also, which app are you currently using and what version is it? Thank you.

I sent you back and email of two videos but the email address you gave me with the ending “io” “” is not recognized as an email address. So what I had to do was reply to the email you sent which is to support. The odd things is that the support email has the same ending but it still sent.


Hi @Agencynurses, thank you for your response. I tried sending you a message, have you seen it? Also, I need to ask for further questions.

  • Which screen is causing the lag? Are trying to put information on the Check-in screen?
  • What do you mean by “spoke into it”? Are you trying the diary feature of the app? Where are you trying to speak into the app?