Does metronidazole cause weight gain

People! I was prescribed 500 mg, twice daily for 7 days for a BV infection.

I have never ever had any bad reaction to any prescription drug. A few days into it, I noticed weight gain and bloat. After a few more days, my abdomen blew up. I am a skinny, fit and active woman. I do not go around looking 4 months pregnant. My hands and feet began to go numb, I couldn’t do yoga or sit normally. I also couldn’t stop eating, but when I ate… Even just a bite would fill me up. It was like I could not fit anything in my stomach due to the bloating. It has been almost a month sonde I have taken the last pill. My BV infection went away however… I still have tingling feet and hands, slight bloat, sore throat, can’t lose the weight I gained, abdomen pain. I do not feel normal. I stared to get off skin nodules too. These aren’t pimples, they are deep in the skin. Again, not normal for me at al. My question is; is it possible that the antibiotic killed all my good bacteria and my body is now deficient in vital nutrients and vitamins? Also, it altered my metabolism? I also just got a year infection too. It’s hard to swallow sometimes, overall throat issue.

My symptoms have to be related to the antibiotic, they just have to. I have had more symptoms too. I read that candida is possible after an antibiotic treatment. PLEASE IF ANYONE HAS ANY INSIGHT.