Does duration of activities or symptoms matter?

When checking in with symptoms or activities, is it important to accurately add the times that the symptoms/activities began and ended? Or is it enough to just mark that either one occurred? And by “important” I mean specifically when it comes to the app’s ability to draw meaningful correlations or insights.

For instance, will adding the symptom of headache without adjusting start or stop times (ie: leaving the start and stop times simultaneous,) carry the same weight in the calculus as adding a headache with a start time of 10 AM and an end time of 1 PM (three hour duration?)

I ask because sometimes it’s very difficult to determine when exactly a symptom begins or ends, especially if the severity of the symptom fluctuates over time, and also because scrolling through the start and stop times for every activity or symptom becomes tedious very quickly. So if it’s all the same to simply notate every time something happens, it’d make life easier.


It’s enough to mark it as occurred, you do not need to adjust the exact times.