Dizzy with Headache

Hi everyone,

I’m reaching out for help because I’ve been dealing with debilitating symptoms for the past five months, and I don’t know where else to turn. I’m a 23-year-old woman experiencing constant dizziness, brain fog, and disorientation, making it challenging to go about my daily life. The brain fog feels like a heavy blanket over my thoughts, and I struggle with memory and concentration. I constantly feel dizzy and unsteady, with blurred vision and double vision, making simple tasks like driving nearly impossible. Headaches, head pressure, and eye pain add to my discomfort, making me feel like I’m in a nightmare. These symptoms have caused severe anxiety and panic attacks, leading me to drop out of college and quit my job. Despite seeing multiple doctors and undergoing numerous tests, including MRIs and blood tests, no one has been able to diagnose me. I’m desperate for any suggestions or help to alleviate these symptoms. Thank you for listening.