Discoloration on glans penis

My glans penis is discolored. 3-4 weeks ago, I had some white discharge under the foreskin right below the glans penis head, followed by some redness when the discharge was rinsed away. Then I applied coconut oil to the red region, and the color has since returned to normal, with no discharge.
However, the penile head is discolored, which is upsetting me.
Sexually active (last in January 2020), have had STD testing (HIV1&2, Herpes1&2, syphilis, gonorrhea) that all came back negative.

What do you think is this?

It’s normal to be worried about changes in the appearance of your glans penis. The white discharge and redness you experienced could indicate irritation or infection, but it’s good that the coconut oil helped. However, if the discoloration persists, it’s important to see a healthcare professional for proper evaluation.

Since your STD tests came back negative and you’re not currently sexually active, the discoloration might be due to other factors like irritation or inflammation. A urologist or dermatologist can give you the right diagnosis and treatment. Don’t hesitate to seek medical advice for peace of mind and to address any concerns you have about your penile health.