Disable items in Today screen

In my opinion it would be nice to be able to disable unused items on the today screen that default opens.
I don’t use items like Streak and Discover.

For me a view with Report Log from the actual day and a Quick check in bar would be great.

I would like make a compliment about the Report/Logs view. It looks really awesome! Slick presentation of everything at a glance. Especially in Dark mode.

Well done!

Regards David

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Thank you for your compliments and feedback.
These are going to be in the upcoming release as well.

Can you further explain: "Report Log from the actual day " so a preview of what you see in Logs on the Today screen?

Ah great.

Yes that’s what I mean. A kind of preview of the current day like in the log view.

That’s because I constantly look if I’ve added everything from that day.
During the day I have items I wish to add.
Most of the times I cannot add it immediately.
On a certain moments during the day I do have time for it.
On these moments I open the app and add things that are not already added.
On these moments there are 2 things that I constantly use:

  • The log to see what’s already added.
  • The Check-in to add things that aren’t already there.

I don’t know how these 2 can be mixed together somehow but maybe that’s something you guys have ideas for.
Maybe widget-style enabling/disabling features on the today screen?

Let me explain our use case in short. Maybe that is helpful in general.

We have a child that has autism. He cannot talk at all. Not a single word.
Together with a spychiatrist we’re trying medicine to reduce his symptoms like anger, crying, stereotype behaviour and so on.

Because he cannot talk and express his feelings it is essential for us as parents to observe him very good to see any difference in his mood and behaviour to see if there are wanted effects and unwanted side effects.
So we use the Diary a lot.
The journal/log is very helpfull in evaluation sessions with the psychiatrist so she can advise us in the kind of medicine and the dosis.