Diary entry does not post

I have done this many times so I am familiar. When I do a “quick check in” and a “diary entry” it will post only maybe 60% of the time when I look on the “reports” button.

Hi, @Agencynurses thank you for bringing this to our attention again. However, can you provide your email so that we can contact you? I have tried to send you a message here; kindly check. Thank you.

My email is eatfish@charter.net Your email ends in .io so I cannot send an email to you.

Thank you for your response. I will send you an email regarding this matter.

I replied with 4 pics in the email. Please confirm that they came in.

Thanks, Quang Nguyen

Hi @Agencynurses thank you for this. I reviewed your email and there is only 1 image attached to your email.

Hi @Agencynurses is this already resolved? I also experienced the same thing, all I did was to log out from my account and then log in again and everything showed up.

I pretty much gave up. Although a good app in ideas, not good for me. The diary was the most important step in all this because this is where I would document my notable changes. There are too many bugs. It would also not log my stools And I am not happy with what I was charged. And after all that a new version came out and they wanted more fees. Then at the end of the year a renewal fee will come.