Deleing logs on app

How do I delete a log?

Hi Shannon, you may tap the entry in your Logs from the Reports Tab then tap either the dose (on the right hand side) or the time, and you will get an alert asking you if you would like to update the entry (where you can then edit the entry as you wish).

Hope this helps!

I tried doing this, but I don’t see a delete option for the entry. Also if I make changes and return to the previous page, I don’t see a save-button, only a cancel-button.

Hello Shannon,
Are you on iOS or Android?

We’re about to deploy a new build tomorrow for iOS that will address a few editing issues (it’s already been released for Android v3.3). But in the interim, if you need to ‘delete’ an entry, you can uncheck it when you are in editing it… The change will enable the “Post Check-in” button to reappear as a change was made. Hope that helps.

This is not built into the App, tap any entry and select ‘Edit’ or ‘Delete’ from the menu that pops up.