Costochondritis under armpit

A couple of months ago I started to feel discomfort lying on my left side. I quickly decided it was discomfort in breast tissue, so just assumed would settle. Then it started to feel uncomfortable/odd my left arm resting against the breast wall, and armpit started feeling odd. I became a bit obsessed then feeling all the time! Next thing my chest wall aching all across, and breathing in made me feel wheezy, although not breathless. I now have all symptoms, and dull permanent ache in my chest . Sternum hurts to ores against. GP diagnosed ā€œcā€ , prescribed paracetamol & naproxen. After a couple of months, and age, 49 (hysterectomy 10 years ago) referral to breast clinic too, before considering chest x ray & physio. Anyone else suffering /suffered similarly ?