Colicky abdominal pain

Can someone have just a pain flare up with IBS? It’s usually several months between flare ups and it seems like the symptoms change a bit. I have been really stressed about other health issues so I’m thinking the pain is being brought on by that…but not sure. Diagnosed with IBS years ago. The last flare up 6 months ago I had mostly left sided pain. Can’t exactly recall the consistency of the pain. About a week and a half ago, I started to have cramping in my left pelvic area that seemed to radiate into a sharp pain over my left hip into my left back in my sciatic area. Thought it was my ovary, but had a pelvic ultrasound and ruled that out. That pain stayed for about a week and then changed into colicky pain that is just above my left hip and into my abdomen and lower back (above the hip range). Not really a big change in BMs. Still just one loose stool with cramps daily. Had a colonoscopy in May which showed slight inflammation as usual with one benign polyp removed. Anyone had these symptoms?

Oddly, the pain almost feels slightly relieved when the area is massaged. :person_shrugging:t3:???