Cold roof of mouth

For a long time now I have been experiencing the oddest sensation and I am not sure if it is to do with acid reflux. I have a very cold, almost ‘minty’ sensation in my mouth all the time. it feels like the sensation you have when you breath in after cleaning your teeth, or after sucking a strong mint. My throat and roof of mouth feels cold - not irritated - just cold and tingly.

I have had problems with reflux in the past and have been on proton pump inhibitors. I am not on a prescription at the moment. i have had an endoscopy and was diagnosed with acute gastritis about ten years ago. I often get heartburn and indigestion.

I have mentioned this top my GP who looks at me like I am mad and says he has never heard of it.

However, I am not imagining it, and wondered if this odd symptom was shared by anyone else with reflux.