Checking in problems

Sometimes, when I do my check-ins, it doesn’t save what I do.

Sometimes, I have to go back in and redo it; sometimes, I have to rewrite whole things or click on the items to re-enable it. Is there any way to stop this?

it really slows me down

Hi, sorry you are experiencing this. Could you please tell us what version you are on?

I’m using the newest version. And I may have found the culprit

The swipe check-in setting gets reset when the app reloads or after a certain amount of time.

Hi, thank you for this response. Our team has already fixed this issue. If you’re using the newest version of the app, this should be working now. Also, just wanted to know if you’re currently using the app in premium version? There’s an additional feature in the premium version where it automatically save your progress in check-in if you accidentally reload or closed the app.

I still have the problem at 5.1; if I force close the app, it removes the swipe to check in.

Thank you for this response. Sorry, you have to experience this. Our team is currently working on the new updates of the app that will fix the bug and issues like this. It should be deployed soon. We will update you once it is out. Hope you understand.