Check-ins Disappearing

I started using the app last week and posted on July 8 and several times on July 9 and 10. My posts from the 9 and 10 have disappeared from my reports. Can I retrieve the data?

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Hi David,
There could be a few reasons as to why they are not showing. One could be that you have multiple care plans and are viewing the reports of another Care Plan. To ensure this is not the problem please make sure the right care plan is selected in Reports (through the calendar button on the top right). Additionally, you may consider tapping “Show Data for All Care Plans”

Another reason may be that the date selected does not include the dates you mentioned.

You may also consider going into the main menu by tapping “More” and then “Settings” and then tapping “Sync App” please wait while the app completes a comprehensive sync with the server (may take up to a minute).

Lastly, you may also try logging in and out to confirm you are a) in the right account and b) cache is cleared locally.

Please let us know if this has fixed your issue.

Hi, the same thing happened to me.
I was in the middle of checking in and the app showed some error message that I pcan’t exactly remember - then all my check ins between 7/30 and 8/1 disappeared.
I’d like to get that back! It bums me out to do all that work, only for it to disappear.

These issues are now resolved in version 2.60 onwards.