<Check In> performance

Why does take so long? (around 10 mins on my Galaxy S10+ running Android 12). Is this normal?
Can I improve this performance in any way?
Follow on points:-
What actions is actually performing and
What triggers a e.g. posting meds. taken from reminder screen?
Thanks in advance

Geoff Bull

Reading my post Ise it has become garbled. Each question refers of course to the check in process.

Hi Geoff,

You are correct, it shouldn’t be taking remotely that long. 10 seconds is roughly how long it should take. Can you let me know:

  • Are you online or offline when posting
  • Which Trackers are you using to post?
  • Which country are you in? (It could be a server issue)
  • Which version of the App are you using?

I don’t fully understand your question regarding “What triggers posting meds taken from the reminders screen” → Anything marked as taken from the Reminders screen (when you tap a reminder to the main screen you see your daily reminders on) will trigger a check-in for that modality. Meaning it will save and generate charts and show logs for that entry.

I hope that answers your question.