Caregivers Add entries? Subscr. needed?


I would like to know if caregivers can add and edit information?
We are parents caring for our son and we like to keep one careplan where we can keep track together.

Do caregivers need a separate subscr.?

Regards David


Caregivers can’t edit information but only view it for now.
You may alternatively use 1 account and share the login with your SO or use one device for your son.

Ah OK. Sad to hear that’s not possible at the moment.

Are there any plans to add this?
I think this is a really helpfull feature when more than one person is caring for someone.

I’ve tried to use one account on both devices. But I did not see the changes made by the other and vice versa.

Regards David

Hi, that is probably because data wasn’t synced, after changes are made you’d need to goto Settings then Backup & Sync.

Agreed it is not an optimal way of doing these. We are going to be releasing this functionality in Feb sometime!

Ah Okay. I guess you’re right that this must have been the case.
Then I’ll give it another try!

Indeed. Not the most ideal way. But if this feature is released somewhere in February it is a workaround for the time being.