Care plan is lost?

I was adding back dated symptoms, measurements, and medications. The app on my iphone started syching. Now it is on a screen asking me to create a care plan as if I’m using it for the first time.

Hello, that shouldn’t be the case. Can you confirm which version you have? Can you make sure you have the most recent build. We haven’t heard of this happening and will investigate in the interim.

I believe the most current version as I’ve only had the app for about a week or so.

I have an update for you. I borrowed my friend’s 1 year old iPhone and downloaded the app. It allowed me to login and everything looks ok. My iPhone is about 2 years old. Am thinking that I should delete the app, reinstall, and try to log in.

That is good to hear, and yes you can safely do so. But please let us know what you see when you open the app. Do you see just the sync screen? can you share a video or try to see what version you have?

I was able to uninstall, and redownload version 3.0 from the app store. When I opened it, it was the sign in/set up account screen. I was able to log in successfully.

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