Can't export my data

I am using the app (on an iPhone) to track my symptoms in order to share it with my doctors. I would like to be able to print my symptom info.

When I log in on my desktop and try to export my data, it just spins and never creates a file. I have tried multiple computers and multiple browsers. Nothing.


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Seconded! Clicking the “Download Symptom Data” button pops up a “Generating File…” prompt that just sits there endlessly. There is no option to download a file. Tested in Windows 10 21H1 on the web app in Firefox 90.0.2 (64-bit) and Chrome Version 92.0.4515.131 (Official Build) (64-bit).

Anything we can try to make it work?

This happened to me as well. Got on my laptop and logged in on the CareClinic website to export. Had a button to download data but it never completed the download. I had to go back and document 90 days onto an excel sheet to share with my doctor. Super inconvenient.

We will look into this bug and update you shortly! In the mean time, you may add your caregiver directly via the “Care Team” section of the app.

The ability to export Symptoms with notes is now fully functional from the web platform.

We will be adding the ability to export a lot more directly from the mobile app with charts for v3.1 (Feb 2022).