Calories update

When using the limited free version the calories have to be adjusted, is this the same with the premium version or is it updated automatically

Hello Seebee, I believe we just replied to your email.

We automatically populate nutrition data but do have the same support for Fluids. The nutrition tracker can search our online database and fill any calorie or macro data if it exists automatically.

The limits on how many items can be checked in at a time are lifted with premium.
You may also save certain fluids or foods in your care plan – if you prefer to use the same values each time during check-ins.

I hope that helps!

Sorry I have another question.
It’s about medication I have a few medicines with the same name but different strengths, I was only allowed to put one strength in but will the change on premium

Many thanks

You may add multiple doses by adding “Frequency Reminders” and then selecting Dose Strength when you are editing your medication. See the screenshot below: