Buttons / Sliders

I see the app uses much sliders for measurement items and symptom severity.

While sliders look nice, I personally prefer a row of nice buttons with numbers in it. Simply because it works quicker. The quicker all things work, the better I’m willing to track everything and the more I benefit from the app.


  • a row of colored (color orresponding with the severity) buttons with the number in it.

  • Both. Slider and buttons.

  • Let the user choose / configure what they prefer.

  • Make the slider ‘clickable’. Now one needs to slide from the left to right. If I want to set it to 6 it is more comfortable to click halfway and slide it a little to left or right until I have the 6 I want.

Regards David

Hi David,

This is planned as part of a much larger Measurements overhaul we will doing, where you define if the field should be a slider, true/false, number, buttons, etc. Stay tuned, I will update you here once we have deployed it.

Ah that sounds great!