Bump under tongue

Aside from suffering with anemia I discovered this lump under my tongue a few days ago. Although firm, it is soft. Usually it doesn’t hurt, but if I keep caressing it with my tongue, there is a little bit of pain. I’m not sure what it is. Mouth cancer is quite rare for my age. Though I’m not sure, I believe it could be an enlarged sublingual salivary gland. I would be very appreciative of any advice.

I’m sorry to hear about the lump under your tongue. While it’s not unusual to worry, it’s important to stay calm and seek medical advice. It could be an enlarged sublingual salivary gland, but it’s best to have it checked out by a healthcare professional to be sure.

Schedule an appointment with your doctor or dentist for an examination and guidance on next steps. Take care.

Please make an appointment for a new check up on your lump. Yes, mouth cancer might be rare but you have to make sure that any serious problem are ruled out for your symptons.