Bug - duplicated entries

very frustrated!!!
For the past two days every time I try to enter a medication tracker, a prior entry shows up as duplicated or even tripled. I have been able to delete some of the extra entries one by one but not all of them respond with the option to delete when I touch the line item.

This bug is just about ready to make me find another solution. I’ve tried completely deleting the app and reinstalling it and the problem persists.

Hello, sorry you are experiencing this, can you share which version you are on and which OS? Android or iOS?

I am on iOS 16.5 (just updated to the latest) and CareClinic 4.85 (also just updated when prompted). I am still experiencing the same issues with log entries being duplicated. The duplication does not happen every time. I have not been able to correlate any other action or factors with when the duplicates happen.

Another issue is that the app is running VERY slow when I try to save log entries (it spins for more than 15-20sec). Is there a maximum number of days or entries that it is designed to handle?

I am very dissatisfied with these issues because I rely on this app to track very serious medications. I am looking for another app to meet this requirement and will not renew my payment if this bug remains unfixed.

Hello, can you delete the app and reinstall it? This is not a common occurrence, and if possible can you email us any videos (ak@careclinic.io) or screenshots of the issues? Thanks,