Brain zaps when falling asleep

Hi everyone,

I’ve been having some weird symptoms and wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this.

When I’m about to fall asleep, I get a feeling like an electrical shock. It’s like butterflies in my stomach, followed by a rush of energy to my brain, causing a jump and a shock-like feeling in my head and sometimes my upper body. The more extreme ones can make my arm or leg twitch. It’s not painful but definitely scary, and it can happen multiple times a night.

Friends and family say this is normal, like waking suddenly from a bad dream, but mine are more frequent and intense. I’ve had these symptoms almost every night for about 5-6 weeks. It’s become a cycle where I dread going to sleep, which makes it worse.

During the day, I sometimes feel spaced out, dizzy, or cloudy-headed, like I need to shake it off.

I’m healthy and fit, but these symptoms have stopped me from exercising. I haven’t had any major illnesses and don’t take medication. I don’t want to start taking sleep meds either.

I’ve been to the hospital and had various tests (blood, ECG, X-rays, urine), all of which came back normal, except for slightly high blood pressure. I’ve also had an MRI and EEG test, and I’m waiting for the results.

Even though I don’t feel anxious or stressed, I wonder if this cycle is causing it.

Has anyone else experienced this? I’d love to hear if you have any advice or similar stories. Thanks!