Black stains on pillow

In the past few weeks, I’ve had persistent stains appearing on my bed sheets and pillows, especially near the head of the bed. This started before I had a bout of campylobacter food poisoning, so I don’t think they’re related. I even moved and got all new bedding, but the stains keep coming back even though I wash my sheets regularly. I’m at a loss! Could it be lice? My doctor didn’t seem concerned when I mentioned it, but this is getting frustrating. Any advice?

Since you’ve ruled out food poisoning, it might be worth checking for other possibilities like bed bugs or allergies.

Dealing with persistent stains on your bed sheets and pillows can be frustrating. Despite getting new bedding and washing your sheets regularly, the stains keep reappearing, leading to confusion.

While you’ve considered lice as a possibility, it’s essential to explore other potential causes like sweat stains or residue from hair care products. Since your doctor wasn’t concerned about lice, it might be worth consulting them again or seeking advice from a dermatologist for further evaluation and guidance.