Best eye makeup remover after cataract surgery?

I had cataract surgery and want to wear makeup again but am nervous about removing it. Did other women have trouble with this? I used oil-free remover pads before, but now I’m worried about rubbing too hard. I ordered some gentler products and wanted to know if others had success with similar methods. Any advice on makeup removal after cataract surgery?

Absolutely, it’s completely normal to feel nervous about wearing makeup after cataract surgery. Many women have been in your shoes. Switching to gentler makeup removers is a smart move. Products made for sensitive skin or micellar water are great options. Just take it slow when removing your makeup, and be gentle around your eyes.

If you’re unsure about a product, check with your eye doctor. You’ll find your groove with makeup again in no time!

After cataract surgery, opt for gentle makeup removal methods like micellar water or oil-free wipes. Patience is key—take your time and be gentle with your eyes. And don’t hesitate to consult your doctor for personalized advice!