Apple Integration

I have Apple Health turned on in the app Integrations and I’ve double checked in Apple Health that my permissions for the app are turned on, but it’s not syncing automatically. Yesterday I tried flipping all the Apple Health options in the app off then back on again and it worked, I was able to force a sync, but today it still hasn’t synced by itself. Any ideas on how to fix it?

Hello ErinB,

Which integration did you enable to sync automatically? E.g. if you turn on Steps in Activity, you must still go into Activity during check-in time to have it pre-populate. Would you recommend it sync everything in the background regardless of if you open the App or it pre-populate at check-in time? The issue is that if you are making multiple posts a day, you may not want to repost some information multiple times, or at certain times of the day, even if a filter is in place to not post duplicates.

Once I understand your use case, we can then determine the best way to proceed.