Apple Data Sync Issues

Just downloaded the “Symptom Tracker” app and am attempting to import data via “Data Integrations” from the Apple Health app. The issue I’m seeing is that the app prompts you for a particular look-back period “Backfill Data” to start the data sync procedure from. Attempting to backfill from a previous date though automatically results in the date selector field reverting back to the present date. Ie, I can’t import any data from a date not less than NOW. Please advise. This is really annoying from a UI and UX standpoint. Note that I am using the most recent app build and running iOS 17.4 (stable build) on an iPhone 14 Pro.

Hi, @Legacy-1 we sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. We are currently having issues with exporting and integrating features with the latest iOS. Our team is currently fixing this and will release a new update of the app early next week. I am hoping for your kind understanding. You can also send me an email at but I will also keep you posted here.