App Icon Notification Badge Won’t Clear


I just started using the app. I started with 1 medication reminder. So far is hasn’t been a good experience. When I mark a medication as taken, it doesn’t update/refresh, so it doesn’t look like I marked it as taken. But what is also bugging the crap out of me is the app icon notification badge that won’t clear. I’ve gone through everything (I think) in the app and the app icon badge still won’t clear-what is the deal? If there is an app icon badge, when I open the app, it should be crystal clear what the notification is for (not just this app but for ALL apps).

So what & where is the notification? So I can clear it! Or should I just delete the app from my phone all together? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hi Igo,
Sorry about that!
We have uploaded a new build (and pending Apple’s approval for it to roll out). The mark as taken issue is essentially a lag in the values showing, if you go back to the screen again, it will show the value.

In the new build, it’s instant (v3.5 for iOS). Let me get back to you on the badging issue.


Thank you for your attention, efforts, and response on the issues I’ve reported. Looking forward to the update and your pending response on the stuck notification badge.

This is fixed and will roll out in v3.6 :slight_smile: If a check-in is made for that day from the check-in screen or by tapping Mark as Taken from the Today/Reminders screen the badging count will decrease.

We take the whole day into account, so if it’s 5:30 PM and you missed something from 9:00 AM a badge for the missed dose will still show for the entire day. In previous iterations, we would show reminders due after the current time that wasn’t marked as taken.

I hope that clarifies.