App fails to respond after last update?

Currently, when I open the app, I receive the pop-up asking whether I’d like to rate the app. Whether I answer yes or no, the pop-up disappears (I don’t get the opportunity to rate with either answer) and then I can do nothing further in the app. It just seems unresponsive to any taps.

It defaults to the reminders screen, on which I have one saved reminder. None of the buttons work so I can’t change screen or open a diary check-in etc. The only tap that changes anything on the screen is a hold on my one reminder and drag down, which pulls that one daily symptom check down momentarily and then it bounces back up when I let go.

I’ve tried multiple restarts of the app and a couple of phone restarts with no effect. I am on iPhone 7, iOS 14.4

I believe it was working fine earlier this week, perhaps there is something in the latest update that threw things off?

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Hello @barnadette, that is odd, can you try deleting the app itself and reinstall it and letting us know if it works fine for you or not?

I’d be happy to try that. Can you clarify first, will I lose my data?

You will not, it is backed up on the server.

Thank you for the answer! I did not end up deleting the app — I did nothing — and it’s working again today. It did ask me if I minded reviewing the app but this time clicking “No” worked (it pulled up the survey).

I don’t see any app updates last night in App Store so I have no explanation of the fix, do you? In any case you can close this out and thank you. Next time if something happens I’ll delete and reinstall.

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I am also having this issue. I deleted and reinstalled the app but now all my settings are gone except the medication reminders. I was really liking this app but if this keeps happening it’s not worth me rebuilding my plan every time it freezes.

Hi @Camond, we are waiting for Google and Apple to approve the newest version of our app (v2.3) this should be fixed in that version completely. However, can you let me know what settings were not saved and why you need to “rebuild” your care plan each time? If your reminders are active for medications, then that means medications exist in a care plan, so what are you rebuilding and or what settings were deleted? We will look into it! sorry for the late reply.

I too am having this issue and when I deleted the app and reloaded it, everything was not saved for me except the reminders.
My medications, activities, symptoms, nutrition, therapy, etc were not saved. The “check in” tab also shows that I don’t have anything “added” too since my “care plan” is completely gone.
Also, when I got the app to begin with, my subscription wasn’t suppose to be activated until tomorrow, 03/19/21, and it got activated on the 16th… so I didn’t get a chance to have my “3 day free trial” to see if I liked it or not. Is there anyway I can get my money back if the above problems aren’t fixed? I understand hiccups happen so I am not upset. Hopefully these problems can get fixed because I believe I like it so far. Thanks!

Without knowing additional information, what we suspect is, when the app was deleted your cache was deleted with it. This means, the data never synced with our servers. Therefore, what you see is the data that actually synced before the app was deleted. We are releasing a major update this week, so stay tuned. If there are any other issues please let me know, for subscription issues, please PM directly OR email support directly. I hope this helps.