App crashes at Reminder button

I’m using Android 12 (updated April 5, no further updates available) on a Google Pixel 6.

I have set up two plans with reminders. When the alarm goes off, AND when I try to make a check in entry at other times, I can’t get past the reminder button. The Symptom Tracker page flashes for < 1 second, then the app closes completely.

I have restarted my phone multiple times, made sure Care Clinic was the only app running, uninstalled/reinstalled CC, and changed permissions to allow Care Clinic to appear on top of other apps, just in case that was the problem.

Any ideas?

Hi Annie,

Please give us time to investigate this.

In the interim could you:

  • Try syncing the app from the Settings menu
  • Logout/Login
  • Confirm you are on v3.3?

Thank you


Today is my first day using this app on iOS/iPhone. I received a medication reminder notification and when i clicked on it, the app opened briefly then immediately crashed, so this happened to me as well, but I’m on iOS 15.

Hello igo, that is odd, can you tell me which version you are using? Can you try updating to the most recent version and let me know if this is persisting?