Any PCOS advice?

I’m looking for some advice. I’ve been struggling with PCOS and considering trying metformin—has anyone else used it? What are your thoughts?

I’ve tried Myo-Inositol for the past few months, but it hasn’t helped. I can’t lose weight no matter how hard I try, and my period has completely stopped again. My husband and I want to try for a baby after a miscarriage earlier this year, but with my period gone, it feels hopeless. The constant fatigue, acne, and anxiety are really affecting my mental health.

Any recommendations or thoughts on metformin would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi, I saw your post and wanted to share that I’m in a similar situation. I also have PCOS and have been considering metformin. Myo-Inositol hasn’t helped me either, and the symptoms are tough to handle.

If anyone has experience with metformin or other helpful treatments, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!