Anxiety as an adult?

So i’ve always wanted to tell someone about what i’ve been experience for the past few weeks but i am too ashamed so i’m writing here to gain insights.

lately, i’ve been feeling like i am experiencing extreme anxiety. at first, it just started as a bit of overthinking. then it progresses to trembling and nausea at times. my husband told me i’m too old to have anxiety, so i’m hesitating to talk to a doctor. any thoughts on what step i need to take next?

Hi @kayl thank you for sharing this really interesting story of yours. I suggest that you should consider seeking professional help for your anxiety, regardless of age. Mental health is important, and talking to a healthcare professional can provide tailored guidance. Don’t let any stigma or misconceptions deter you from prioritizing your well-being.

Also, I suggest using the CareClinic App to manage your symptoms and emotions. You can even use it to track other things to keep track of your overall health. You can download the app using this link: