Amitriptyline ruined my life

I want to share with you guys that I was on 75/100mg of Amitriptyline for chronic pain for 5 years. After discontinuing it over 6 weeks ago, my pain vanished. However, I’ve been experiencing trouble sleeping and waking up extremely early. What concerns me most is a prickly sensation all over my body that’s persisted for about 7 weeks. The doctors don’t think it’s related to withdrawing from Amitriptyline, and neither antihistamines nor creams have helped. Has anyone else experienced this sensation during withdrawal?

Wow, it’s quite a change to have your pain vanish after stopping Amitriptyline, but those new symptoms sound tough. Doctors might not think it’s from the withdrawal, but it’s worth considering. Sometimes withdrawal can cause unexpected sensations.

Connecting with others who’ve been through similar experiences online might offer some insight and support. Keep talking to your doctor too, they might have more ideas to help you feel better. Wishing you relief and answers soon!

That prickly sensation you’re talking about sounds like it could be related to your body adjusting after stopping Amitriptyline. Withdrawal symptoms can be pretty wild and varied, even if doctors don’t always link them directly to the medication change.

Trying some relaxation techniques or gentle exercises could help ease those sensations and improve your sleep. I mean this is why an app like CareClinic works well in tracking symptoms/effects.