Activity from Apple Health issue

The syncing behaviour with apple health seems to be very buggy. I went to check in and it automatically tagged a bunch of exercises that I hadn’t done (might have been from the previous few days but wasn’t sure).

It’s also not seeming to notice my mindful minutes recorded in Apple Health.

Do I even need to “checkin” with activity that’s synced with Apple Health, or will it just record it all automatically in the background?


hello, can you confirm that the exercises weren’t selected when enabling the activity integration? It picks up the most recent exercises, if you do not want to auto sync that activity, tap “Sync Off” that’s in blue in that card and it will not be picked up anymore.

Are you able to share a screenshot of Mindfulness minutes being active? and then share what you see in Therapy for it to confirm.

You need to check-in manually, we are not able to sync automatically if the App is off.

Sorry for the delayed reply,

Hi thanks for this, I will check these details and share later today, thanks!