Premium subscription problem

Hi. I enrolled in the free trial and cancelled it before the 3 days was up (IMO it takes longer than 3 days to figure out the app well enough to know if you want the subscription). A few days later I decided I did want the premium subscription and paid for it through my apple account but I haven’t been able to access the premium features since. I tried the troubleshooting directions on the help page: logging out and back in, closing the app, restarting my phone all without any change. I sent an email to and they replied saying they received my email, had opened a ticket for me and I could see the progress there via a link. However that link leads to a logon page that says I don’t have authorization to access it. I replied to the email asking for email updates since I can’t access the linked website and haven’t heard anything.

When I try to use the premium features the app continues to prompt me to pay again. If I try restore purchase or start my free trial I either get an error message or a message saying I’ve already subscribed for the premium account. I’ve tried closing the app, restarting my phone and logging out and back in without any difference. Nothing I’ve done has allowed me to use the premium features. Can you help?


Also I double checked and I was billed for the premium subscription on my bank statement as well as my apple account saying my subscription is good until Apr 2022.

Hello Kim, I was informed that the backlog of support tickets have now been answered. I am hoping your issue was resolved! Thank you for your patience.