Glasses after cataract surgery

My friend had cataract surgery on both eyes with the same surgeon, choosing monofocal lenses for distance vision. About a year ago, they had the left eye done. Their vision was blurry for the first few days and unstable for about a month, but eventually, they could see clearly without glasses.

Six months ago, they had the right eye done. This time, they saw better by the second day, but it was still a bit blurry. The surgeon said it would improve, but it never did. Now, they need prescription glasses with a sphere value of -0.75 for the right eye, but even with glasses, their vision is somewhat blurry.

The surgeon explained that the IOLs are made for a range of vision and aren’t custom-fitted. In my friend’s case, the IOL didn’t match their eye perfectly, causing the blurriness. My friend is now trying to understand if this is really the reason or if there’s another solution.