Delete Meds from Care Plan & Decimal Points on Edit

(Phone - iphone Xs most recent IOS)

I don’t not see a way to delete a medication from a health care plan and I would like to be able to delete a medication that I entered twice. Im not referring to deleting a posted check in as that appears to work (however the logs do not always refresh with updated edited data and sometimes I have to do a full APP close and restart in order to see my updates. There seems to be several big problems with reports / logs but I have posted that concern in a different topic).

No decimal point appears when editing and existing checked in post medication amount. To replicate the bug, go to any previously posted medication check in and try to enter the mg amount. First of all, it wont let you backspace inside the field, you can only delete entire amount and secondly, once you delete the entire amount the decimal point in the phones number pad isnt shown.

Also, updates very slow, although Ive seen this mentioned before but just wanted to also mention it because it is slower than any other similar type app and in my opinion its important to be able to make very quick entries otherwise I believe people will not use it as it is already hard to stay motived to journal medical conditions in the first place. For example I would like use this for cigs smoking and record an entry every time I have one, but I will definitely not open this app for 30 - 45 seconds to record it every time I have one.
(I have an a different app for smoking also and its super quick and very convenient but it would be nice to be able to track every thing I want to track in one app like care clinic and so I can correlate it to how Im feeling / sleeping etc.)