Announcement: v2 of CareClinic App

We are hoping to release version 2 for iOS this coming week. It has many bug fixes, and UI optimizations. This version was released as v2.09 on Android, and we hope to release v2.1 which is the same on both platforms going forward. If you have any feature requests, or issues with this release let us know!

  1. Improved the diary screen layout to help record more robust entries with photos
  2. Record symptoms quicker, with the simplified symptoms check-in screen
  3. Get things done quicker with voice. We have added Siri integrations for Care Teams, Reminders and other modules
  4. Personalize your account! Upload a photo or pick an avatar!
  5. Correlations data and screens now provide a more detailed view rather than ‘low, normal, high’ values
  6. Edit your saved modalities (medicine, therapy, etc) from the check-in screen, no need to go back to the Care Plan screen
  7. We’ve added new default factors and provided backup & sync capabilities
  8. Know exactly how many reminders you have left for the day with App Badging! (Red bubbles on app icons)
  9. Factors Upgrade bug fix
  10. Additional Care plans in care plan store (10+)

Sneak peek of what’s pcoming in v2.1: Draft check-ins, symptom notes, improved care plans (stacks), and much more.